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CraftLite Cosplay EVA Foam by Craft Knight

CraftLite Cosplay EVA Foam by Craft Knight

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CraftLite EVA Foam is brought to you by Craft Knight, Cosplay Kingdom's own brand of craft materials.  Craft Knight delivers quality and affordability so you can keep creating works of art without having to worry about budget. 


x1 A2 Sheet (42cm x 59cm)

Foam Types:

CraftLite is cosplay grade, low to medium density EVA foam. It comes in three different densities, and five different thicknesses so you have a wide range of choices to suit your needs.

The higher the density, the harder the foam so here's a handy guide for choosing what you need for your cosplay:

  • 38 - 45kg/m3 Thin, dense and smooth, this is perfect for detailing and decoration. For thin sheets you can even use it with fabric!
  • 60kg/m3 The thicker sheets of this density are perfect for building light to medium foam armour with the thinner sheets being great for detailing.

Ships to NZ Only

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Cosplay approved

I have used this foam to create a full mandalorian armor set for my son, an ncr helmet/ chest armor and now iidas armor from my hero academia. It always arrives fast and is really good to work with

Denise Benedicto

The price of the eva foam is affordable compared to other stores and I love how many sizes and densities there are to choose from! The amount I bought was perfect and I even have spare to play around with! The eva foam that was 6mm with a lower density textured very well into a faux leather and looked great when painted! The 8mm with a higher density was a little bit difficult to work with but thats because of user error and inexperience, we turned it into a wok and its super sturdy! I found that the eva foam retained colour very well and looked even better when air brushed! I am definitely buying from Cosplay Kingdom again for my next cosplay!

Stori P
good quality, fast shipping

Even for just being in NZ it came much faster than expected. The foam is good quality as promised. Definitely recommend (aka this is going to be where I buy all my EVA foam from now on lmao.)


Fast shipping and the product is exactly as described 👌🏼

Derek Deed

Purchased one sheet to try making templates for my pottery designs, works great but I'll buy a thicker grade next time, only downside is being black I can't draw my design directly on to it, I have to make a paper template first then cut the foam.