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Craftlite Foam Clay

Craftlite Foam Clay

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Create, cure, craft with Craftlite Foam Clay!

Sculpt your form, let it airdry (24 to 48 hours + depending on size) and then sand paint or glue until your heart is content!

Chuck it in the fridge or freezer to assist in the curing phase.

Keep in the sealable bag within the container out of direct sunlight. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pat Griffith
foam clay

fantastic - easy to use, a nice feel to it.

Denise Benedicto
Love it!!

Im a beginner cosplay and I mainly use it to fill in the gaps where I’ve mucked up on the eva foam and my goodness!!! The foam clay is basically never ending!! I still have so much left even though I’ve filled in so many gaps!! The only thing I found difficult with it is if I layer it too thin leaving it for 24 hours and sanding afterwards it tends to all flake off instead of sanding nicely, but if I layer it thicker it doesn’t have that issue! I can’t wait to try out new ways to use foam clay! I feel like its a very versatile product!

Darcy waters
Foam clay masks

I like using foam clay.
Using it over a wire mesh, I have used this foam clay for several wearable costume props, 1 of which was a pig's head which was coated in latex, another a "steel" collar and a third a "steel" mask.
While wet, the foam clay is not strong and so may need form or mesh to support it depending on what you are sculpting.
When dry it has enough rigidity for the mask to keep shape.

So much potential!

This was my first time using foam clay and it has changed my crafting! It is really easy to use and form, dries well, is super lightweight, and easy to seal and paint. I made teeth and horns and both turned out really well.

Excellent product

Perfect for what I needed and great service